Year 3 Rowling – New Adventures

Feb 6, 2018 | Year 3

Stone Age

During the spring term, we have been busy learning a lot of new things and we got ourselves into new adventures. We have been writing action scenes taking place back in time and more specifically during the Stone Age. Because of this, we now know so many interesting facts about rocks and soil and we have even conducted some scientific investigations using magnifying glasses and samples from different materials we find in nature.

London Zoo

One of the highlights of the term was our trip to the London Zoo where we were lucky enough to witness some giraffes and hippos from up close! This made us ponder if zoos should exist and we organised a debate in order to find out. You can ask us about the outcome of this discussion and we are going to impress you with the counter-argument conjunctions we are able to use in order to persuade you.


It is also well-known that we love Maths and this is why we have been working really hard learning about measuring length and telling the time. Should you need our help we can simply use our measuring tapes and find out the length of anything. We have also been looking at telling the time using digital and analogue clocks. We can be very precise as we have been looking at seconds and milliseconds.

Chinese New Year

Perhaps the most exciting part of this term was that we got to experience how people celebrate Chinese New Year. We showed off our dance skills using fans, umbrellas and costumes of a dragon and a snake.