Beethoven – having fun with minibeasts

May 11, 2018 | Reception

This term in Beethoven class we have been especially keen to learn and explore all about Minibeasts! As the weather is also starting to change, it has been fun exploring outdoors looking under logs and finding the most interesting tiny creatures. We have learnt about the lifecycles of butterflies and frogs and even have real live caterpillars in class which will soon turn into butterflies.

One of our core texts for this Summer term is A Tadpole’s Promise. We have also been learning lots of poems and songs featuring mini-beasts. We have done minibeast hunts around the school and local surroundings. As we are quickly approaching the end of this term and preparing for our final term in Reception. Pupils are ready for the next stage… Year1! With fantastic reading and writing skills, learning has become very exciting for us.

In Maths we have been leaning about symmetry, doubling, halving and even sharing and enjoy learning these concepts in our indoor and outdoor play.