Dyson’s Animals

May 9, 2018 | Year 2

Dyson here updating you with another wonderful class blog.

In English, we have been learning about nocturnal animals.  Nocturnal animals are animals that sleep in the day and hunt at night.  We have learnt amazing facts about hedgehogs, badgers, owls, bats and foxes.

I liked learning about what foxes eat. Kelis

I found it interesting that foxes have good hearing. Jedadiah

We have perfected our skills in the measurement of length, mass and time.  Some of us have found time tricky but we practice every day and we are getting better and better.

This month we have our SATs tests.  We have revised all of the topics we have learnt so far and look forward to doing our best. Practice makes better.

We have a trip to the National Maritime Museum this week to help us learn more about the world’s oceans and continents.  We are all very excited!  The fire brigade are also visiting this week to teach us all about fire safety.  We will post separate blogs about both events in the coming week.

Thank you for reading our blog.