Mozart all grown up!

May 16, 2018 | Reception

In Spring 1 we were looking at ‘Growing’. Throughout this topic we were able to explore different aspects of how things grow, from plant to animals.

After looking at seeds and what seeds need to grow, we were able to plant our own in class. We were so excited as we investigated the best things a seed requires to grow the tallest. We kept some in the cupboard so they had no light but continued to be watered and lots of nutritious soil, some had no soil but had water and light, others had no water. One group had everything it needed to thrive and they ended up being the tallest and the greenest plants around.

We know how we grow, from babies to children and then on to teen years before adulthood. Within this week we spoke about our aspirations and how we plan to get there. And with a little hard work we all can.

We looked into what seeds can provide for us and found that most of our favourite foods come from vegetables that grow in the ground. Chips with ketchup came out to be one of our favourite treats and we all now know that chips come from potatoes.

Although we had planned to go on a trip to the farm earlier this term the horrendous wet weather prevented us. Nevertheless we got to visit Woodlands Farm and could link our learning in class to life.