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Dear parents and carers

Some of you will be aware that we recently advertised nationally for a full-time, permanent Executive Headteacher to improve the outcomes for all pupils across the GGLV Federation. I am pleased to let you know that we have appointed an outstanding London headteacher who is currently leading three outstanding schools. Mickey Kelly, who lives locally, will start with us in January (school leaders have to give a term’s notice).
In the meantime, John Calvert, who has been with us since the Covid lockdown, will be staying with us and will work with Mickey to ensure a smooth handover.

The last few months have been a difficult time for everybody and I’m grateful to all of you for working with the schools to support your children. By September, we know that many children will have been away from school for six months. We are determined to give them a really positive return to school. The schools have been developing the curriculum and look forward to welcoming you all back.

In the meantime, I hope everyone has a chance over the Summer to rest and enjoy themselves so we can start the new school year refreshed and ready to go.

Very best wishes Laura

Laura Cunningham
Chair of Governors
GGLV Federation


Black Lives Matter in Lewisham

A message form Pinaki Ghoshal, Lewisham’s Executive Director for Children and Young People and Angela Scattergood, Director of Education.

The Mayor of Lewisham, Damien Egan has published a statement on behalf of Lewisham Council in response to the killing of George Floyd in the United States. You can read the full statement here: https://lewisham.gov.uk/articles/news/black-lives-matter-in-lewisham

We believe that our schools and settings are key to tackling racism and other forms of discrimination. We will support all Lewisham schools and settings in their commitment to standing against racism and injustice, alongside and in solidarity with the local and global Black community.

Lucas Vale Primary School has always been a warm and welcoming place; we believe it always will be.  Three of our core values are tolerance, equality and respect – they are in our DNA. We are here for you, regardless of your race, sexuality, gender, religion or anything else which makes you, you.

Today and every other day, all of us at Lucas Vale as one with our black pupils, staff, parents and the entire BAME community in condemning racism.  #BlackLivesMatter

As our children are all spending more time on phones and other electronic devices, it is really important that we keep them safe! Please remember to regularly check what your child is looking at online and talk to them about what to do if they see something that makes them feel uncomfortable.

School may be closed but we are still here to help you in anyway we can. Please email your child’s class teacher or call the school number if your situation has changed since we last spoke to you, or if you are in need of support.

If you are self-isolating and are unable to go to the shops, you can refer yourself for help from Lewisham Local Authority. Please use the link below to find out more:

Please check on the link below to see if your child is eligible for free school meals. If they are, we may be able to provide you with extra support during this difficult time.

A Message from our Head of School

I would like to take this opportunity to warmly welcome you to our website, where you can find information about our school and see our pupils’ learning.

At Lucas Vale Primary the safety of our pupils is our top most priority and therefore thorough check are done for any member of the public who comes into our school and any concerns are reported to the police.

Our vision is that every child will succeed. We are highly aspirational for all our pupils and we do whatever it takes to enable them to overcome barriers to their learning. We are committed to fair and equal access to the curriculum for all pupils, regardless of their starting points and consider any additional needs they may have. We work together to give each individual child the best possible experience of school life.

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Personalised learning ensures that we meet the needs of all children and enable them to reach their full

We are committed to developing lifelong learners who value and understand the importance of education and what it means to be educated. We have core values which we promote and instil in our children. These are:

  • Perseverance
  • Pride
  • Resilience
  • Excellence
  • Self-belief
  • Integrity
  • Aspiration
  • Respect
  • Effort

We are relentless in our effort to ensure every child achieves and is well equipped for the challenges they face on their learning journey. We achieve our aim by:

  • Giving pupils ownership of their own learning and a role in planning a curriculum which reflects their interests and questions
  • Giving teachers autonomy in the way they plan and teach the pupils as we believe the pupils in each class are different and so are the teachers
  • Developing and training our pupils to become outstanding learners: independent and resilient
  • Helping our pupils understand the impact of every action they take and every decision they make
  • Having the very highest expectations of all our pupils and ensuring they have a positive mindset towards everything they do

We aim to excel at Lucas Vale Primary School and our pupils continue to make progress in all areas of their learning.

To learn more about our school please contact us at admin@lucasvale.lewisham.sch.uk or call us on 020 86924660 to arrange a visit.

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Ruth Cobblah– Head of School

Grinling Gibbons & Lucas Vale Federation

In our partnership we inspire all children to have a life long love of learning, allowing everyone to thrive in a rapidly changing landscape whilst celebrating the richness and diversity of the world we live in. We all believe in the power of learning.

In our Federation we always expect all children to be provided with high quality learning experiences that lead to consistently high levels of pupil achievement.

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There is a common purpose and shared responsibility amongst children, parents, staff and governors. All are actively committed to the life, growth and development of our schools. There is intellectual challenge for everyone and a culture of learning and questioning practice.

Teachers share a common understanding achieved through discussion, consideration of practice, the sharing of information and whole school planning of important issues. Teachers are reflective and self-critical. Teachers’ individuality is valued but some autonomy must be sacrificed for coherence, consistency and shared standards in school life.

The Grinling Gibbons and Lucas Vale Federation is a place for learning where:

  • children can achieve
  • learning is for life
  • people are respected
  • partnership is valued

Latest News

Reading and Learning makes us Happy

Reading and Learning makes us Happy

‘Wake Up Do, Lydia Lou!’ by Julia Donaldson allowed us to explore rhymes and the noises so many animals make. Also, We have started getting back into reading and doing what makes us happy at Nursery.

Innovative Learning Experiences

Here at Lucas Vale, learning is never limited to just taking place in the classroom. We want our children to experience learning across a variety of contexts, and in different ways, so that they fully engage with their learning at all times. This is why we try, wherever possible, to plan for and provide an enriched context to all our learning.

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This could be done through visiting museums and heritage sites, both local and across London; exploring what’s available in our local area such as Deptford Creekside; or engaging with local community-based initiatives such as The Jimmy Mizen Foundation.

We also have regular themed topics across the school so that our children learn collaboratively with children in different year groups, and wherever possible, we invite in visitors and experts who can really help to make the learning come alive, whether that’s the fire service who come to visit EYFS to support with their topic ‘People who help us’, or survivors from WW2 who escaped from Nazi Germany on the Kindertransport who come in and share their experiences with Year 6.