Below Are some Beautiful Quotes directly From Our Children.


“Before, I never knew “the why” I just knew I had to do the work. Everything is making more sense to me now.”

Jobel Year 6

“I am loving being in year 6 because I am being challenged every day. I am always going home with new knowledge.”

Aniyah Year 6

“When I get feedback, I know there is something I have to do.  I always try to have a growth mindset so I know that trying will make me better because practice makes better.”

Pranav Year 2

“When i get something wrong, it reminds me that i must keep trying”

Maxim Year 2

“Learning new concepts is so much fun. My teacher makes everything visual which helps me to understand what I am doing and why I am doing it. I am becoming a more confident learner- something which I am proud about.”

Khadijah Year 6

“When my Teacher models the learning, i understand what i need to do.”

Salome Year 2

“When my teacher gives us instructions and models the learning, I know what to do so that i don’t get anything wrong”

Abisola Year 2