Year 2

Welcome Back!

We hope you have all had a well-deserved summer break and are ready for the year ahead. We are excited to welcome the children to Year 2. We run an open door policy so please do not hesitate to come and speak to us if you have any questions or concerns.

Year 2 Teaching Team

  • Mrs Robertson – Teacher/Team Leader/KS1 Phase Leader (2R Class)
  • Ms Emmile – Schools Direct (2R Class)
  • Ms Jannifer – LSA
  • Ms Walters/Mr Wills – Teacher (2W Class)
  • Mrs Wendy  – Teaching Assistant (2W Class)

What we will be learning this term

Literacy: Spelling, grammar, punctuation, letters, postcards and science fiction.

Maths:  Money, place value, measuring, calculating, finding quarters and halves

Computing: basic skills

Science: Animals including humans

RE: Hinduism

History:  Significant People – Christopher Columbus and Neil Armstrong

Geography: Aerial View

DT:  Building Rockets

PHSE: New beginning and Values

PE:  Gym and Dance

PE uniform and lost property
Lucas Vales’ PE kit is now on sale from Whitehall Clothiers Lewisham Ltd, 244a Lewisham High Street, SE13 6JU.  Please write your child’s name on all of their clothing as they sometimes get lost or misplaced. Please note we are not responsible for any lost items of clothing, we teach children to take full responsibility of their possessions as it is not only a skill for school but a life skill. If for any reason clothing is lost, we endeavour to help locate it but will not replace it.  If any items of clothing are lost they are placed onto the lost property rail. PE kits can stay in school for the half term and will be sent home the week before each half term break.

Latest Year 2 News

Year 2 Staff

  • Sharon Martin
    Sharon Martin
    Year 2 Teaching Assistant
  • Carol Sterling
    Carol Sterling
    Year 2 Teacher
  • Jane Condon
    Jane Condon
    Year 2 Teaching Assistant
  • Opha Robertson
    Opha Robertson
    Year 2 Teacher

Upcoming Year 2 Events

There are no upcoming events.

Paper Copies

If you would like a printed copy of any of the school’s polices or any other information please contact the school and we will be happy to provide it.

Illustration of Girl Skipping
Sharon Martin
Year 2 Teaching Assistant
Carol Sterling
Year 2 Teacher

I became interested in teaching when my daughter was very little. I taught her to read using the Peter and Jane reading books hence by the time she started nursery she could read, write and spell her name. This inspired me to become a teacher.

I gained my degree in Primary education and Early Years at Roehampton University in 2005 and started teaching straight after.

I believe that teaching is like a journey and on this journey there are many different vehicles. Some are going fast and some are going slowly. It’s the same with learning. Some children will speed ahead while others will crawl but at the end the destination is all the same. It’s not how we get there but that we get there. Therefore I try my best to make teaching as enjoyable as possible for children so that it’s a memorable experience that will inspire them to learn and keep on learning.

Further I enjoy teaching because I find it delightful when I see children actually learning and putting into practise what they have learnt. Teaching at Lucas Vale has been an interesting journey for me, one that I am still finding pleasure in.

Jane Condon
Year 2 Teaching Assistant
Opha Robertson
Year 2 Teacher

Additional Roles


My journey in the federation began 10 years ago at Grinling Gibbons where I was initially employed as a TA.  During my time there I learnt valuable lessons which laid the firm foundation that I am standing on today.  When I came to Lucas Vale in 2013, I loved seeing the love and care the children had for one another and the energy and commitment of the staff to all of the children.

Having worked in both Key Stage one and two, I have learnt so much about progression and the tools needed to excite the children into learning for pleasure.  Key to progression is getting to know the children as individuals so that the approach to learning is personalised. I work hard to make my classroom a hub of joy and wonder by capturing every child’s mind with the mysteries and wonders of the world.

Watching my own children progress as babies to young people inspired me to want to become a teacher. I loved seeing the many light bulb moments in them and now in the children I work with. Seeing them grow and mature makes me proud every single day.  All children are diamonds in my eyes and I will never stop ‘shining’ them until they have their own sparkle.