Our School Day

At Lucas Vale your child must be at school on time as we believe continuous lateness has a huge impact on your childs’ education.

Reception – year 6

Morning Arrival and Registration

At Lucas Vale, the school day begins at 8.45 am when the gate is opened for children to enter the playground. The bell rings at 8.55 am where children are expected to line up in an orderly manner and are collected by their class teacher. Children make their way into the building under the supervision of their class teacher to ensure learning begins at 9.05 am.

Children, who arrive after their class has entered the school building, must ensure they report to the SIDE ENTRANCE, to ensure they receive a registration mark.

Morning registration ends at 9.05 am. Your child must be at school on time. Learning is negatively affected by continual lateness; if your child arrives after 9.05 am, he/she has arrived late. They will need to be marked in by our Community Cohesion, Behaviour and Family Liaison Officer or the Admin Team. Arrival times will be recorded and will be marked in the register as Late (L Code).

Arrival after 9.30 am will be recorded as an ‘Unauthorised Absence’. In accordance with Regulations, if a child arrives after 9.30 am, they will receive a mark (U code) that shows them to be on site but this will not count as a present mark and it will mean they have an unauthorised absence. This may mean that parents could face the possibility of a Penalty Notice if the problem persists.

Collection at the end of the school day

Teaching finishes at 3.10 pm. Pupils will then have five minutes to tidy their classroom and will be ready for collection at 3.15 pm from the playground. Collection after 3.30 pm will incur a late collection charge of £5.00 per fifteen minutes of lateness per child. Consistent late collection of children may result in a referral to the London Borough of Lewisham’s Children’s Social Care.

If anyone other than the parent is collecting your child you must inform the school office otherwise your child will not be permitted to go.

Please view Grinling Gibbons SEND Policy below
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Latest Lunch Menu

You can see what's on the Lucas Vale School menu by downloading a copy to print and keep safe at home. This will help with your family meal planning.

Paper Copies

If you would like a printed copy of any of the school’s polices or any other information please contact the school and we will be happy to provide it.

Lucas Vale Vision

We aspire for all individuals within our community to become confident, secure and caring learners who achieve personal success and develop a love of learning.