As the core of our primary curriculum we, at Lucas Vale Primary School, aim to encourage all children to become confident and creative mathematicians. Our teaching approaches are designed to support children to identify the links and the interconnectivity of this incredibly important subject area.
We aim to equip children with knowledge and understanding of mathematical concepts including those relevant to everyday life, e.g. money and time. Using and applying knowledge and skills is an important part of children’s learning and there are opportunities for pupils to embed these skills in practical investigations and problem solving exercises.

Below are the key aspects that are integral to our approach:

  • To be fluent in the fundamentals of mathematics; including written calculation strategies and basic number facts such as number bonds or times tables.
  • To reason mathematically by following lines of enquiry and using accurate mathematical language to explain ideas. This is embedded throughout (including during Application Focus Week) and takes the form of talk maths using a variety of questioning styles.
  • To gain confidence when problem solving: some children can feel anxious of maths and can become demotivated from quite a young age. Much of the problem solving work we do at Lucas Vale is based on discussion and links directly to our aim of reasoning mathematically. Children in every year group are exposed to open ended problems that require creativity along with mathematical understanding. We take great pride in our children’s ability to not only solve problems but create them which enables them to consolidate their learning of key concepts.
  • To have a strong understanding of mental maths strategies. To help our children adopt mental approaches, we use many visual models as well as physical movement so that they understand the relationship between numbers and the four main operations.

In order for children to become confident mathematicians who choose to challenge themselves at every opportunity, we focus on ensuring quality first teaching. Teaching of mathematics at Lucas Vale focuses on:

  • Teaching that develops pupils’ understanding of key concepts.
  • Enabling all pupils to make substantial progress and feel challenged during the lesson.
  • High expectations of pupils’ enjoyment and achievement.
  • Teachers foster an enthusiastic spirit of enquiry and develop pupils’ reasoning skills.
  • Problem-solving and investigation are integral to learning mathematics.
  • Emphasis on accurate use of technical language.

In addition, in order to further promote enjoyment, enthusiasm and to support progress and overall attainment, the school subscribes to Mathletics, a popular home learning tool that encourages our pupils to continue to develop their mathematical skills outside of school. Every class also has access to iPads to assist them with their mathematical learning.

Please view Lucas Vales Maths Curriculum overview below

The Maths Zone 

Lots of helpful hints, resources and tips to help with your child’s mathematics learning.

Children solving a problem during their Maths lesson
Boy and girl working out a maths problem during their lesson
“If mathematics is to be understood widely, we need to emphasise its elegance and its applications. Sometimes it seems that universities want to emphasise how difficult it is!”

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