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Our chosen Modern Foreign Language is French here at Lucas Vale, where we aim to equip young people with the confidence, knowledge and practical skills needed to actively engage in the French language.

We hope to initiate a positive attitude towards another language, to help the children express different ideas effectively and to develop an enjoyment for learning other languages and about other cultures. It also aims to improve intercultural understanding in an increasingly globalized world.

The core skills of reading, writing, speaking and listening are taught through Rigolo, a language scheme that allows children to learn in a fun and engaging way, to grow in confidence and communicate through speaking and writing, with continual exposure to accurate and authentic pronunciation, intonation and grammatical structures.

Rigolo is structured so that the children can build upon their French gradually throughout KS2 focusing mainly on topics linked to daily living. The aim is to show progress throughout the years, of both knowledge and confidence, in readiness for secondary school.

In addition to discrete French lessons, French is encouraged during Application Focus Weeks and on a daily basis with activities linked to daily routine, such as assembly greetings and taking the register.

Please view Lucas Vales MFL Curriculum overview below
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“It does not matter how slowly you go so long as you do not stop.”

Confucius Chinese Philosopher

Paper Copies

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Lucas Vale Vision

We aspire for all individuals within our community to become confident, secure and caring learners who achieve personal success and develop a love of learning.

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