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Nursery Class

  • Miss McCarthy (Nursery Teacher)
  • Miss Julie (Nursery Nurse)

What we will be learning this term

This year in Nursery is very different and we are focusing on a lot of different aspects. Here is what we plan to cover this half term based on our seven areas of learning in the Early Years.
Personal, Social and Emotional Development – Learn about Lucas Vale Values; Celebrate our differences; Foster independence and self-care in our play; Play alongside others; Show affection and concern for people who are special to them; Able to engage in pretend play with toys. Separate from their main carer with support and encouragement; Seek comfort from a familiar adult when needed; Respond to a few appropriate boundaries with encouragement and support; Express their own feelings such as sad, happy, scared, cross, worried – DIY stone faces and facial expression cards for a fun emotions game; Show understanding and cooperate with some boundaries and set routines – establish class rules, up for display.
Communication and Language – Talk about themselves and their family who are not present); Understand simple sentences; Join in with actions or vocalisations; Develop listening skills, using children’s names to help them to focus; Use gestures, sometimes with limited talk; Retell a simple past event in the correct order.
Physical Development – Cosmic Yoga; Squiggle while you wiggle – making connections between their movements and the marks they make; Able to dress/undress; Ability to tell an adult when hungry or tired; Wash and dry own hands; Trace and decorate your body/hand to make an all about me book; All about me puzzles; Gross motor development activities.
Literacy – Mark making activities; Become interested in books and rhymes and beginning to have favourites; Name recognition – DIY name puzzles, name rainbow discovery bottles, clothespin name games for segmenting; DFES Letters and Sounds – Phase 1 Fill in missing word or phrase in a known rhyme, story or game; Listen and join in with stories; Join in with repeated refrains; Suggest how a story might end; Create own Family books.
Mathematics – ‘How many things your paper hands can hold?’ activities; Number recognition with blocks and trains; Say some counting words randomly; recite some number names in sequence. Select a small number of objects from a group when asked, e.g. “please give me one/ two”; Associate a sequence of actions with daily routines; Anticipates specific time-based events such as mealtimes or home time.
Understanding the World – Build a house that can fit all the members of their families; explore a 5 senses discovery table while learning about our bodies; Learn about body parts and identify them along with eye colour – friends’ and families eye colours; exploring the interest in the lives of familiar people; recognise and describe special times for family or friends; Know the things that make them unique; Understand that information can be retrieved from computers.
Expressive Arts and Design – Sing Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes; Identify colours; Mirror work with “I am special” song; Self-portrait shadow boxes; create a “My Family” house; Self-portrait using a paper plate and buttons.

Please view our Working document, Nursery Long Term Planning.

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all-day Lucas Vale is closed on 17th Jan...
Lucas Vale is closed on 17th Jan...
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Lucas Vale is closed on 17th January 2022
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