We are excited to welcome the children to Nursery and welcome our new children too. We run an open door policy so please do not hesitate to come and speak to us if you have any questions or concerns.

Nursery Class

  • Miss McCarthy (Nursery Teacher)
  • Miss Julie (Nursery Nurse)
  • Miss Lauro (Teaching Assistant)

What we will be learning this term

This year in Nursery is very different and we are focusing on a lot of different aspects. Here is what we plan to cover this half term based on our seven areas of learning in the Early Years.
Personal, Social and Emotional Development – Learn about Lucas Vale Values; Celebrate our differences; Foster independence and self-care in our play; Play alongside others; Show affection and concern for people who are special to them; Able to engage in pretend play with toys. Separate from their main carer with support and encouragement; Seek comfort from a familiar adult when needed; Respond to a few appropriate boundaries with encouragement and support; Express their own feelings such as sad, happy, scared, cross, worried – DIY stone faces and facial expression cards for a fun emotions game; Show understanding and cooperate with some boundaries and set routines – establish class rules, up for display.
Communication and Language – Talk about themselves and their family who are not present); Understand simple sentences; Join in with actions or vocalisations; Develop listening skills, using children’s names to help them to focus; Use gestures, sometimes with limited talk; Retell a simple past event in the correct order.
Physical Development – Cosmic Yoga; Squiggle while you wiggle – making connections between their movements and the marks they make; Able to dress/undress; Ability to tell an adult when hungry or tired; Wash and dry own hands; Trace and decorate your body/hand to make an all about me book; All about me puzzles; Gross motor development activities.
Literacy – Mark making activities; Become interested in books and rhymes and beginning to have favourites; Name recognition – DIY name puzzles, name rainbow discovery bottles, clothespin name games for segmenting; DFES Letters and Sounds – Phase 1 Fill in missing word or phrase in a known rhyme, story or game; Listen and join in with stories; Join in with repeated refrains; Suggest how a story might end; Create own Family books.
Mathematics – ‘How many things your paper hands can hold?’ activities; Number recognition with blocks and trains; Say some counting words randomly; recite some number names in sequence. Select a small number of objects from a group when asked, e.g. “please give me one/ two”; Associate a sequence of actions with daily routines; Anticipates specific time-based events such as mealtimes or home time.
Understanding the World – Build a house that can fit all the members of their families; explore a 5 senses discovery table while learning about our bodies; Learn about body parts and identify them along with eye colour – friends’ and families eye colours; exploring the interest in the lives of familiar people; recognise and describe special times for family or friends; Know the things that make them unique; Understand that information can be retrieved from computers.
Expressive Arts and Design – Sing Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes; Identify colours; Mirror work with “I am special” song; Self-portrait shadow boxes; create a “My Family” house; Self-portrait using a paper plate and buttons.

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